Is Lina Esco leaving SWAT, character of Christina Alonso?

Is Lina Esco leaving SWAT, character of Christina Alonso?

The writers didn't do much in tonight's new episode to inspire us to be optimistic about her future. Instead, we were concerned — very concerned. This is someone who has been a fantastic part of the series for several seasons, and that's before we even get into the relationship between Chris and Street, which we've been so invested in. Esco has also directed on the show, so she is involved in a variety of ways.

The main challenge presented in this episode was the possibility of Chris taking over the safe house — and thus being unable to continue on SWAT. In fact, there may be an even greater risk than that. Her story does represent the writers reflection on current events, so they are doing more than just raising questions about a character future here.

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As tonight episode progressed, we got more and more optimism about Chris' future with The Street. After all, he admitted that he has feelings for her! We know he got some feelings back, but it's complicated. The two working together is a big part of the challenge and, in theory, taking them home safely could be a solution. However, we also don't know how much we'll see of her on-screen if she leaves.

For the time being, it appears that Chris is looking to take over the safe-house job — she will be leaving SWAT in two weeks! But for the time being, we'd advise you that nothing is certain. We'd say to wait and see until Esco herself announces her departure from the show. Because it's only two weeks, she'll almost certainly be available for the remaining episodes.

In terms of Chris and Street relationship, she told him she was leaving at the end of the episode, but she also didn't believe they could still be together. Don't give up on hope just yet! All things considered, the timing was probably just a little off.

Were you worried that Lena Esco was leaving SWAT during Season 5 tonight?

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